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It’s just not been a good week for coop construction. It has not just rained, but poured all all week long. Puddles and globs of sideways rain. And dark clouds. But it has given me tons of time to think about my coop construction … and realize how smart raccoons are! I am going to have to go back to the hardware store and return some of my little gimpy latches for some big locks.

I also hit my head rather hard this week when trying to put back the crock pot, giving me very very mild concussion. It’s hard to explain, but is was very hard to look at things or think very clearly … it was like someone put a white translucent sheet over my brain. I had ringing in my ears, seeing little stars and everything. Made me miss a half a day of work, as talking, walking, and standing made it all fuzzier.

And of course there is the nasty intestinal flu going around … my lovely L. was the first to get it. Then my roommate’s girlfriend. Then the roommate. Now my office-mate is home with the dam thing. Frankly, I feel on the verge of it myself … but I am just praying that my flu shot is finally working and will kick this thing in the behind. Please please please! I really want to be a poster-child for the flu shot.

Anyway, more updates on chicken coop building this weekend if the flu shot worked. And if you don’t hear from me in a few days, you know what happened!


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Back in a bit…

Sorry for the lack of posts … my grandmother died rather suddenly. I’ve been at home for the funeral and everything. Back to the zoo updates next week.

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