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Green with Envy

These people grow all their food for a family of four in the backyard. With extra to sell to restaurants. I have homesteading envy. I must go home and keep digging.


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Local Food Challenge

If I was the person who came up with the “100 mile diet” book title, I’d be very sad I didn’t copyright it.

Check out the new TV show that Food TV launched — the 100 Mile Challenge. A reality show about people who are trying to eat locally.

I am debating an experiment of that nature myself … although on Vancouver Island it really isn’t a challenge. (If you check out the videos above, 2 of the four videos feature Vancouver Island.) A mere ferry ride from where the original “100 Mile Diet” took place, we’ve really got it made. Out island and the surround islands are home to local and organic wine, chocolates, fine cheeses, milk, chicken, eggs … not to mention the wonderful array of vegetables and fruit sprouting effortlessly from April to October. I mean, we even have a local kiwi farm … with kiwi popsicles at my favorite farmer’s market.

I guess the real question is … why haven’t I done started already? Guess I got to get back to you on that one…

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Urban chickens are one thing, raccoon hunting is another.

When selecting the best raccoon carcass for the special holiday roast, both the connoisseur and the curious should remember this simple guideline: Look for the paw.

“The paw is old school,” says Glemie Dean Beasley, a Detroit raccoon hunter and meat salesman. “It lets the customers know it’s not a cat or dog.”

Beasley, a 69-year-old retired truck driver who modestly refers to himself as the Coon Man, supplements his Social Security check with the sale of raccoon carcasses that go for as much $12 and can serve up to four. The pelts, too, are good for coats and hats and fetch up to $10 a hide.

To urban hunter, next meal is scampering by

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