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There is this nursery rhyme that I love to sing … that Evil Cat must have heard and gotten some ideas. Because late last night, that is where she went. Out the second story window.

Our house, it is very old. Over 100 years old. And we have old windows, with no screens. Still, we need ventilation sometimes, so we will crack the windows open just enough for some fresh air, but hopefully not big enough for the cat to get through … as we live on the second story!

Yet, laying in bed last night reading … after my final exam was over … I hear a rustle at the blinds. This is normal, evil cat behavior … she likes sitting at the window. Then I hear this very faint and decrescendo “MEEEOoooww.” I think, could the cat have fallen out of the window? Oh my god! And I run to the window … and I look all around outside, calling her name. And look around inside? Where did she go? And I hear this faint little meow of the cat on the window sill. On the 2 inch window sill … above a second story drop off … just purring without a care in the world.

Yet another example of how she got her name … giving me a heart attack and such. She is safe and sound, but the windows are staying shut.


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I was so sick yesterday and most of today. Yuck! Won’t go into details. However, I will share these photos of Evil Cat stalking my chickens. Evil Cat is not an outdoor cat, as we live on a very busy street, though she wishes very much we did not. I was trying to be sneaky, so I took them with my MacBook, so sorry that it’s rather fuzzy.

Photo 2

Here you can see little gray tabby Evil Cat staring down my chickens.

Photo 4

And there she is on the roof. Chickens remain unfazed. Evil Cat then jumped on top the mesh run, and it must not have been a pleasant experience as she quickly got off. I scooped up Evil Cat after she was done crawling around underneath the coop, coming out dazed, still hungry, and covered in pine shavings.

Coop is now certifiably cat proof, at least.

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Cat to Katie

We found this note from the cat to my sister …. sometimes evil cat can be sort of cute.

Evil Cat

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