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I worked really hard this weekend on the garden, despite the looking gray clouds. It was an epic battle, who would win?


I tore up some more sod for my veggie patch. This involved some tree chopping down. I hate ornamental trees. I also hate grass. They are slowing disappearing. Garden:0, Me: 1


I created these incredibly cute min herb pots! Tasty, and cute! Garden:0, Me: 2


There is STILL sawdust falling out of the front of my chicken coop, despite my extensive modifications to the inside of the coop this weekend. I normally don’t care about things that are ugly as long as they are functional … except for the fact that my precious puppy thinks that this is her personal wood-shavings-and-chicken-poo-buffet.


Silly puppy. Gravity puts the first point for Mother Nature on the board. Garden: 1, Me: 2


I did come back with these cute little planters to beautify my coop. Look at me, investing in flowers! Skipper asked me what kind of flowers they were, and why I picked them. I said … they were $1.50 for four? They are supposed to get much bigger. That’s pretty much all I know about them! Garden: 1, Me: 3


My mother-in-law wanted some berry plants, so we picked up a few raspberry bushes for a few weeks ago. I worrying about what the hell we were going to do with THREE raspberry bushes, until we were out Saturday morning and a very nice sales guy sent us home with TWO more raspberries, TWO tay berries, TWO blueberry bushes, TWO kiwi trees, SIX strawberry plants. It was hard to find enough full sun for them, since our APPLE tree and PEAR tree are starting to leaf out.


We now have berry alley, in the back of the yard. I envisioning laying in my hammock with a bucket of fruit in my lap, berry juice running down my face … almost eating myself to death with tasty berries. Garden: 1, Me: 4


Unfortunately, despite my lead, the garden may have the last word. When I went to go stir up my compost pile, I noticed that we had unwelcome visitors. All mixed in with my delicious black gold were the nasty, thick, white roots of Morning Glory. Morning Glory, the most evil plant in all the world. So invasive, the smallest speck of root or stem can cause a brand new infestation wherever it falls. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to dig out.


There are only really two ways to tame morning glory, though it can rarely be cured. One is to cover the offending area in complete dark for a year. I may have to try that for my compost, as I can’t dump herbicide everywhere in a compost. But in the rest of the yard I can … and I will.

But a blow to the compost pile like that, it’s really disheartening. Someone violated the innermost garden sanctum … the source of nutrients for all your plans. And it’s totally ruined.

So despite a lot of fun and progress in my garden … I am feeling totally dejected. The hours I will spend ripping the tops off of morning glory are stretching ahead of me … the compost I must buy at the store … the plastic compost bin I must buy to protect future compost from infestation … it’s just depressing.

So I will try to cheer myself up…. with a puppy.


(And that always works :D)


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Penny by the sea!

Penny by the sea.

How can she not make your heart melt!

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Squeaky Toys

The dogs *love* the chickens, though we don’t really know in what way.


Piper, the German Shepard mutt, loves the chicks in the way she loves her squeaky toys. She’s taken a few bites out of the cardboard box, so she really isn’t allowed in the room very often.

Little helpers looking into the brooder

Penny just seems to want to sit and stare all day long at her chicks. She starts shaking and squealing if we try to get her out of the room. So she stays… for now.

Penny loves her squeaky toys

The cat will never be allowed in, though.

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