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So they chickens were making me feeling guilty, all cooped up in their way too small brooder.

Help me, I am too big for my brooder!

So they went outside for the very first time in their chicken-y lives!

Free at last

I just put the run against the fence while I kept working on their coop. And they were happy chickens.

And Curious-er

And Tuesday is officially the weirdest looking chicken ever, even outside.



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So the chickens continue to develop. Inside. Unfortunately.

Tuesday spends most of her time exploring … she is a bit ditzy. She is also smaller than the other two, which at first made me worry that I have two roosters. But I think the real problem is that she is busy digging in the corner, while everyone else is eating.

Poultry headbutt

She has no fear.

Piper scoping out the chickens

Rose is just your average bossy chicken. Happy to be photographed though.


And Zeus is developing her lovely facial feathers… letting me know she is a true Amerucana (Americana? However you spell it). Many chicks are sold as Americana, but are really “Easter Eggers” meaning that they lay blue eggs like a real Americana, but aren’t the real thing. Not that this matters to someone who adopts pound puppies … but just neat to know.

Look at my darling feathers

She is still a bit scary looking than the rest!

Zeus looking rather reptile like

And the coop … the coop is not done. And I am really earth-shatteringly tired of working on it!

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It is very fitting that I get their week 5 shots up on their 6 week birthday, with the week that I’ve had. The chickens are getting so much harder to photograph … they are so fast! We had to resort to all sorts of gimmicks like plastic chicken and trying to scare them into submission with Evil Cat. As you can see, this did not slow them down.

Chicken meets evil cat

Zeus is officially a really weird looking bird.

Week 5: Zeus

And Rose, I almost put her back … she was so docile and had fluff missing where her bum had been wiped off. But she’s (hopefully NOT he’s) the smartest, slightly bigger, and definitely in charge hen of my tiny flock.

Week 5: Rose

And crazy Tuesday. A picture of her without evil cat or plastic chicken in the shot.

Week 5: Tuesday

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These are posted a week late, but they are indeed week 3 chickens!

The chickens are getting much bigger.

getting bigger

Zeus would not get off of my hand.

lift off!

So I put her on a branch.

zeus on a branch



I love looking at the new feathers coming in.

New feathers

And she’s turning from a pigeon into a robin coloured … seemingly overnight!

Then the other chickens….

grumpy chicken

i see you!

Who you looking at?

who ya calling a chicken?


New photos soon… for week 4!

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Week 2: Chickens

The babies are two weeks old now, and my they’ve grown.

Little Rose (a Delware) is a bit shy.


But she has suddenly grown a tail.


And her crown just popped up out of nowhere on Sunday.


Her sister Tuesday still has no comb, but much more personality.

Tuesday, with spunk!

Then there is Zeus (Americana) who I believe looks a bit more like a baby pigeon than a majestic blue egg laying chicken. But I like pigeons, so it’s OK.


I think she looks like an old lady bird sometimes, with the goofy nose!


Anyway, here are the ladies… at 15 days old.


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I think before you get chickens, you have to decide … will I eat you, or are these pets? This is not something you have to decide with a dog or a cat … thus I wavered. I really wanted to focus on the “farmer” part of “urban farmer” and I went around saying my chickens would be no more than a head of lettuce to me.

Let’s face it, I sometimes get upset eating my vegetables. It was love at first site. So here are the girls:

This is Zeus. She’s an Amerucana, and she’s looking on the blue side of things. She’s very much the smartest of the three.

This one is Tuesday. She’s a Delaware.

This is the second Delware, the most shy one so far.

Let’s just hope one’s not a rooster.

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