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Eggs have arrived!

My first egg.

Two weeks ago, my first egg arrived. Rose has always been a few weeks ahead of the others. At first we worried she was a rooster. But she has proven her woman-hood with the little baby.

My first egg next to a normal grocery store egg.  Very tiny!

I took a picture next to a grocery store egg for comparison. They are still working out how to lay eggs … so they are still small!

Hard working chicks

Today I was so excited to find my first blue egg. My Amerucana, Zeus, has also convinced us she’s no rooster.

I put the egg next to Penny for a cute picture, as me holding it in my gym clothes looked rather lame.

Penny poses with egg

Penny of course, only has one thing on her mind. Snacks.

Penny eats egg

So I washed it off again, and put it safely away with the others. I am a chicken farmer now!

I'm an egg farmer now!


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